How nutritional drinks and shakes can help COVID recovery

Coronavirus affects people in different ways and could potentially put people at risk of malnutrition. People who have had covid have emphasized on Unintentional weight loss, Loss of appetite, Loss of taste / smell, difficulty swallowing food and keeping it down. Becoming malnourished makes it harder for you to fight infections, recover and fight illnesses. It is very important that you are eating enough and drinking enough fluids when ill. Nutritional drinks and shakes are one of the easiest ways to make sure you get all the nutrience you need easily and conveniently.


1- Calogen High Energy 500ml

2- Ensure Plus Advance Milkshake 220ml

3 - Ensure Powder Shake 7 x 57g

4 - Fortisip Compact Starter Pack 6 x 125ml