How to gain weight safely and quickly with nutritional shakes

If you’re looking to gain weight, drinking nutritional shakes that have extra calories in can really help. Shakes can make having a daily calorie surplus easy. We recommend having these shakes in between your normal meal times and before exercising. We recommend that you speak with your GP to make a weight gain plan that’s right and safe for you. Below we have listed our best sellers that will help you with weight gain.

  1. Complan Milkshake Powder – comes in flavours chicken, vanilla, strawberry chocolate and banana.
  2. Calshake Powder - comes in flavours strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and neutral.
  3. Enshake Powder– comes in flavours banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.
  4. Forticreme Completecomes in flavours banana, chocolate, fruits of the forest and vanilla.
  5. Ensure Plus Milkshake- comes in flavours Vanilla, chocolate, fruits of the forest, strawberry.

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It’s important to make sure you’re exercising when adding extra carbohydrates, calories and protein to your diet. Again, we recommend that you speak to your GP so you can make a plan that’s best for you when wanting to gain weight. 

Tip- A good app to count calories to make sure you are in a calorie surplus is myfitnesspal